Marky’s Caviar is a vertically integrated 36-year-old specialty retail and caviar business based in Florida, that has opened its first brick-and-mortar Manhattan location — just blocks away from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The New York City location of Marky’s, located on 1067 Madison Avenue (at 81st Street), features a retail gourmet storefront as well as an adjoining caviar bar experience, HUSO.

Offering the world’s first-ever “farm-to-spoon” caviar concept, Marky’s serves the freshest caviar within days of harvest delivered directly from its own U.S. aquafarm; signature caviar flights will highlight domestically-raised, but purebred, Russian and Siberian Osetra, Sterlet and Sevruga. In addition to its own American caviar, Marky’s will also offer fine, sustainable and high-quality caviar from around the world with traditional caviar service and premium, international flights. By the fall of 2019, Marky’s will also be the only cafe in New York and the U.S. to offer purebred beluga caviar via its own aquafarm.